Fundraising And Closing Down My Business

Hi Everyone! As some of you may have seen on my Instagram and Facebook profile I am having issues with my hard drive and it won’t connect to my laptop. I have a post all written and ready about celebrating the NHS however until my new cables comes I thought I’d share my fundraising plans along with some news about one of my businesses.

I currently own two companies. Pooch Pals which has been going for six years now and doing amazingly! I also own Doodle Pops Shop Pet Bakery. Due to ill health it never quite got going for a really long time, despite this it actually started to do fantastic last year especially over the Christmas period. It was hectic doing shows so far away from home without Beau and then I got morning sickness really bad and couldn’t even attend the shows myself. I’ve always found that although I love doing the Christmas shows it does take time away from family and with it being our busiest time we don’t actually get much chance to enjoy Christmas.


I am so proud of my business and how far I’ve come. After losing Silver there was part of me that wanted to throw myself back in and keep it going strong. Unfortunately, the more time has passed the more I realise it was a source of stress, anxiety and unnecessary pressure. After much contemplation and deliberation I have decided with this new baby on the way and still coping with losing Silver I need to shut shop and focus back on myself. I have discovered a love of writing, something I always knew was there but I guess I’ve never really had anything to write about before. I am interested in pursuing writing more and finding a way to support my family whilst also helping others too.

These last few months I feel have been my biggest journey of self-discovery. I could easily spend all day complaining about how unlucky I am and how hurt I feel, sometimes I do. But I also want to see the positives, I am so lucky to have been Silver’s mummy and wow I got sixteen days with her! There is so many parents who never got to see their child breathe let alone get to know the wonderful personality of their little one. And with that I too see how she has changed me as a person, how she’s changed my views of the world and helped me mature even more as a woman. I want to do big things in her name and none of this would be possible if I didn’t always have her in the back of my mind and feel her love within my heart.

Let me explain what all this has to do with fundraising. As most of my Doodle Pops Shop clients will be aware I always attend Thornton Le Dale summer show and it is the most amazing day out! Well since this will be our last year trading I wanted to do something for my little girl. You can click here to read more about how Tiny Lives actually supported Silver and our family. We have decided to host a raffle for a huge doggy hamper prize! There will be lots of doggy treats, toys and accessories! It will cost £2 per strip of 5 tickets and all proceeds will then be paid in to our Just Giving page.

stall photo

I really hope we will see lots of you there with your doggies, we will have free samples as always. We will have all the popular flavours and will be selling 1 flavour also in aid of Tiny Lives of which the profits will go towards (Flavour yet to be decided!). It’s a fantastic day out and I would love to connect and talk to people, feel free to come say hello and share your story!

Phil from @lifewithmalamutes on instagram
Phil from @lifewithmalamutes on Instagram

I also want to say to all the people who have donated so far, thank you so much for all your support it means so much to me and all those beautiful little babies being watched over by only the most amazing nurses and doctors. Let’s keep sharing these blog posts and the just giving page and reach that target!

Until next time,

Holly x

Show info: Location Thornton Le Dale sports field, 9am start on 8th Aug. I’ll post more info on my Facebook page.

Okay I couldn’t help it – its a post about my dog business! So… I had to share some cute pictures of my doggos! The first pic was actually our pregnancy announcement of Silver Rose!

silver annoucement